Youri Dolgoruki

Youri Dolgoruki

I finally found a place to buy my favorite vodka for a reasonable price in San Francisco. I recently stumbled upon the only picture on Flickr tagged “youri dolgoruki”, by Trevor H. Right away I noticed he lives here in San Francisco and immediately asked where he found it. Previously I had only seen it at one place, an “upscale” (read: overpriced) liquor store in the financial district who sells it for $50 a bottle. Trevor directed me to a little Russian deli in the Richmond where I was able to pick up a couple bottles for $27 each. So I no longer have to make a special trip to Mission Liquor in Pasadena every time I’m in LA. Good timing, because I was going to do exactly this when we drive down for Thanksgiving weekend.


Bruce Montgomery says:

I live in Dallas Texas and once in Las Vegas had Youri Dolgoruki at the Red Square Bar and have been looking for a place to buy it for 2 years. I was told it is only sold in CA and NV. A google search led me to this site. Please tell me the name of the Russian Deli in the Richmond that has it. I will be in San Francisco in Sept and want to bring some back.


Bruce M.

Kenn Christ says:

Interestingly, Red Square was where I discovered Youri Dolgoruki too. I found it here at Gastronom Russian deli at 22nd and Geary in San Francisco’s Richmond district. Here’s a photo.