Craigslist scams

While getting settled into the new apartment we’ve been doing a little redecorating, getting rid of lots of stuff and replacing a few pieces with things that fit better into the new place and decor. This morning I posted ads on Craigslist for a couple of these items, a kitchen table and chairs and our TV, VCR, and DVD player. The Ikea kitchen table has been replaced with the much nicer teak dining table we were using as a desk in our old place and we picked up a set of six nice upholstered chairs last week (found on Craigslist, as it happens). The TV and accessories we are not replacing; we only use them for watching movies and we can watch those just as easily on our desktop computer, which is now in the living room since we don’t have a second bedroom for an office anymore. The living room will gain some valuable space this way and also just look much nicer without the big black box staring at us.

So I posted both things things on Craigslist before leaving for work this morning. As I arrived at work I received two e-mails about the TV. Great, I thought, I’m hoping to unload this stuff quickly and this is a good sign. As I look at the mail I realize a couple things: Both were from people overseas, both were written in broken English, and both are offering money orders for payment. One was sent from India, one from Nigeria, both via Yahoo Mail. Both are obvious scams. Sigh. Never mind.


Both have been sold!