Free Safari e-books online

Safari is an on-line book project by O’Reilly Media. In addition to O’Reilly titles, Safari includes books by Addison-Wesley, Sams, Cicso, IBM, and more. The current book count is about 1,800. Safari subscriptions start at $20 per month.

San Francisco Public Library cards are available free to any California resident (but you have to apply for them in person so it isn’t really practical for anyone outside of the bay area). As part of their offerings, the SFPL now includes Safari access to all card holders. All you need is your library card number and you can log in and get started.

I much prefer real, physical books to reading long texts on the web, but it’s hard to argue with a deal like this. Even if I never use it for reading complete books, this is an invaluable resource for reference and those one-off things that I wouldn’t buy an entire book for. I expect to use this frequently both at home and work.