Xmas gifts

The predominant themes in Xmas gifts this year were books and wine. Which, when you think about it, are really the only important things anyway.

Xmas gifts

Clockwise from top center:

  1. The Art of Looking Sideways
  2. In the Company of Crows and Ravens
  3. Gravity’s Rainbow
  4. The Diary of Frida Kahlo
  5. Schiele
  6. The Map Book
  7. Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing
  8. Wine Enthusiast: Essential Buying Guide, 2007

Not pictured are a small stack of Borders and Barnes and Noble gift cards, one bottle of wine, a $50 gift certificate to K&L Wine Merchants in San Francisco, and our choice of Napa valley wine tours. We took a cursory glance over the available tours before immediately deciding on the hot air balloon.

Pictures from Heather’s Xmas pajama party will be posted soon.