This year I will…

  • Travel more: outside the US at least once and outside California at least twice, plus day and weekend trips when possible.
  • Learn some Italian before our next vacation in September.
  • Learn more about wine.
  • Buy a digital SLR camera and learn to use it.
  • Read some of the books that I should have read but haven’t (both classics and modern).
  • Find new work in a more creative and interesting environment.
  • Create a web site or service and get people to use it.
  • Procrastinate less.
  • Do some serious saving and investing, and work out a better system for keeping my finances organized.
  • Donate some work to a local non-profit.
  • Be more social and outgoing.
  • Buy some better clothes and make an effort to not just wear jeans and t-shirts every day.
  • Explore more of the city I live in.

I may also add to this list over the next few days.