Alameda flea market

We went to the Alameda flea market a couple weeks ago and shot a few pictures. That any of these came out at all is a minor miracle; the sun was extremely bright and I only had my old camera which has no viewfinder and a pretty scratched up LCD display. I could hardly see a thing on it, I was mostly just pointing, shooting, and hoping something came out. A few of these aren’t bad (I trashed the ones that were).



More pictures


Robert Kendrick says:

Can I send you a picture of loot stolen from my house which may have been sold at Alameda on that day(probably before there was any daylight)?
bob k

Shinsuke Nomura says:

Hi, I am just visiting SF from Japan, and am going to the Alameda Flea Market tomorrow, Nov 4th. Which Subway should I get off? and I am going to get on a tax around the subway station. Is this plan okay? Because I have no car with me right now, I have to take subway & taxi.
Hope you could let me know the most simple way to there.