Balmy Alley murals

About half a block from our apartment is a short, one block alley called Balmy Alley that is lined on both sides with incredible murals.

Balmy Alley

At least some of these (possibly all, I’m not really sure) were painted by Precita Eyes, an art group in San Francisco who does murals all over the city. All their murals are done at the request of the property owners (in the case of private property) or the city (in the case of public/city-owned property) requesting it.

Balmy Alley

Pictures don’t do it justice, you really have to walk down the alley to get the full effect. I didn’t know about this before moving to this neighborhood and first walked down this alley purely by chance. Discovering something like this hidden away just around the corner from home is an amazing feeling.

More Pictures


l.bunker says:

I moved to the north east after having lived i SF and- I so miss the murals…especially the balmy alley murals and to see them so beautifully photographed was a gift..Thank you