Customer respect test for magazines

It’s been said that the amount of respect a company has for its customers is reflected in the difficulty presented in peeling off stickers and other junk from their products.
Here’s a great way to find out if a company that makes physical products respects their products and their customers: if there’s a sticker on the product, and it peels off cleanly (and without tearing), then they’re a respectful company. If it tears or leaves sticky residue that you need to scrape off with a razor, then they don’t.

I would like to apply the same test to magazines, especially those received by subscription as opposed to purchased at a store. Compare what I had to tear out of the latest issue of Budget Travel:

Budget Travel

With this page from JPG Magazine:

JPG magazine


Which magazine appears to care more about their readers and the enjoyment those readers get out of their product?

Note that we already subscribe to Budget Travel, so the four subscription cards are entirely unnecessary (of course, like most magazines and newspapers, Budget Travel’s real customers are their advertisers, not their readers).

Update, Sept. 30, 2008

Looks like JPG blows, after all:

Blow-in cards in JPG Magazine