Adventure wanted

Sarai and I both feel that we need a vacation. More than that though, we need an adventure. Going somewhere for just a few days isn’t good enough; we want a change of scenery that will last long enough that we don’t mind the thought of getting back to regular life here.

One thing we’re having fun talking about is moving to NYC for a short time. Just six months or so: it would have to be less than a year because I don’t want to deal with a New York winter (I’ve visited in January and that was enough). Google has an office in Manhattan and one of her projects includes people there, so she may be able to work out of that office for a while. She’s going out there for a few days next week as it is.

Another possibility, albeit an unrealistic one, is London, where Google also has an office as does a company I’ve had a couple interviews with recently. It doesn’t look like that job is going to pan out though, so I’d be left in the same position as in NYC – unemployed — but with the added disadvantage of needing a work visa. As London is even more expensive than NYC, it’s not somewhere we could get by on one paycheck.

Work is what really makes this impractical for me. Not working for a large company with locations all over means quitting my job and finding a new one, then doing it over again when we return to San Francisco. I do a bit of consulting in my free time, all stuff I can do remotely (system administration and XHTML/CSS work), but not nearly enough to make a living doing just that. It’s unfortunate; Google has offices all over the world and if I could work for myself full-time that would put us in a position where we could go just about anywhere.