Around the world in 180 days

Sarai’s co-worker Adrian has taken a six month leave of absence from work in order to travel around the world. He and his girlfriend have packed up their apartment, left their jobs, and just gone. I don’t remember their itinerary now but they’re starting in Australia and going from there. I don’t think they’re actually circumnavigating the globe, but in six months you can sure cover a good part of it.

Stacy and Gary did something like this a few years ago, but instead of traveling the whole time they spent time living in India and somewhere in or around Indonesia, which is even more fascinating.

That is so amazing, especially when compared to the vacations I’m usually able to take. Both our trips to Europe last year were just under two weeks and we visited three cities each time, spending about three days in each one. While this might be enough time to see the major attractions, it isn’t nearly long enough to really enjoy being there. We left each city feeling like we were leaving things unfinished and talking about when we’d be able to go back.

A good part of the problem is the fact of where we live. There are certainly places worth visiting in North America, and I haven’t yet been to a lot of them, but it just doesn’t compare to Europe. Getting across the ocean is difficult and there’s too much to do when you get there so unless you’ve got a lot of time, or can make frequent trips, it’s nearly impossible to do everything. Work culture in the US doesn’t help either, with the short vacations we typically get. A co-worker of mine lives in Paris and spends a lot of time in the South of France and Germany, which sure sounds a lot nicer than our weekend trips to LA.

I read with envy stories about people whose jobs allow them to just pick up and go, whether it’s because they freelance and can work from the road or because they get a reasonable amount of time off and so can afford to take trips like this. I dream of Sarai transferring to one of Google’s European offices and my being able to support myself freelancing.