Wedding feast

The Brazilian Room, where our wedding will be held, has a lot of rules, one of which is that we can only hire caterers from a pre-approved list. They supplied us with a dozen or so and helpfully pointed out which ones are generally the cheapest and which are the most expensive. We looked over lots of sample menus, called a few, and made two appointments to talk details and sample some food.

Our first appointment was with Trumpetvine Catering in Berkeley. We met with the owner of the company over a delicious lunch of mushroom ravioli and by the time we left we had decided to cancel our other appointment. The food was great; in addition to the ravioli we were served a few appetizers and sides, and all were wonderful. They specialize in using fresh, seasonal vegetables and have lots of experience putting together vegetarian menus. Deborah, the owner, was really good, taking our rough menu ideas and running with them and suggesting similar but much better sounding options. I think we approved of pretty much all her suggestions. The menu will be all vegetarian, of course, and will be mainly Mediterranean themed.

Trumpetvine won’t be supplying the cake, thanks to Jojo being an executive pastry chef these days. To be honest, I don’t even know that we’re getting a cake at all. I gave her (almost) complete creative freedom, so we just may end up with cupcakes or something completely unexpected. I did veto her initial idea of a Nightmare Before Christmas theme but beyond that it’s up to her. Whatever it turns out to be, I’m sure it will be incredible.

My mother’s husband is also in the catering business and will be handling the bar. Another one of the Brazilian Room’s rules is that we can only serve wine and beer, no spirits, so martinis are out, but I think we’ll do ok without them. We haven’t put together a wine list yet but may try to focus on wines from the same region as the food. We’re going back to Italy for our honeymoon, so Italian wines will fit in nicely. Beer, I have no idea about yet. I’ll have to ask around to get some ideas of what people like.

While there will be lots of vino flowing, the Brazilian Room is up in the hills with a fairly long winding drive back down, so make sure your designated drivers are in order.