Bernal Heights

In the interest of exploring as much of my city as I can, I took my bike out Saturday morning and conquered Bernal Heights. I didn’t actually ride my bike all the way to the top, of course. Or back down, for that matter. That hill is pretty steep. But I rode as high as I could, walked my bike until I ran out of street, then locked it up and climbed the rest of the way up. Even with the overcast weather, the view was great. It’s not the highest hill in San Francisco, so you can’t see the whole city from there, but you do get a view of both bridges, downtown, and the entire Mission/Noe/Castro valley to the north and whatever the hell that part to the south is called.

View from Bernal Heights My neighborhood, as seen from the top of the hill. Our apartment is the white building exactly in the center.

View from Bernal Heights Sutro Tower

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