Modernized working environment

I finally persuaded my boss, an avowed Apple-hater, to get me a Mac Mini for the office. He’s the kind of guy who hates Macs with a passion yet, if pressed, will have to admit he knows next to nothing about them more recent than the early ’90s. It took over a year but I finally got one. I had a small bonus coming up that I told him he could put toward it, but he paid for the other 30% himself. And the best part is that it’s actually mine, not the company’s, so I get to take it with me when I leave.

Mac Mini

It’s funny, really, this anti-Mac attitude of his. We’re primarily a Linux shop and have a few clients using Macs and he’s forever asking me things about OS X and being amazed when I explain how easy it is to do things that, as a Windows desktop user, he’s not accustomed to seeing on a desktop machine. He’s still hasn’t wrapped his head around OS X being Unix and is always surprised when I talk about things like SSH, rsync, Samba, and so on. Just wait until he sees me using TextMate, Quicksliver, and some of my other usual workflow on top of it all.

This machine will replace my current Ubuntu desktop, itself an upgrade from the Windows system I had before that. I get better desktop software, more space on and under my desk, and with the addition of Parallels Desktop and a RAM upgrade, I can now run Windows or Linux without having to reboot if I have to.

In keeping with my standard naming scheme, I’ve named it Dublin. I also took a picture of the box it came in.