Twin Peaks season two

Twin Peaks season two is finally available on DVD. Season one has been available for quite a while, and season two has been released for region two (don’t get me started on the stupidity of DVD region restrictions), but despite an untold number of false starts and slipped release dates, here in the US we’ve been stuck with crappy VHS versions or nothing at all.

The packaging leaves a bit to be desired, according to some of the Amazon reviews. There’s also talk of a reissue later in the year, possibly a complete collection including a season one reissue with the pilot episode. The current season one set is really nice but the pilot is only available as a separate, poor quality DVD. What I’d really like is to see a complete set that includes the pilot, both seasons, and Fire Walk with Me, with lots of extras and nice presentation, but I’ll settle for this mix-and-match stuff if I have to. The show itself is the important thing. Season two is all we’re been missing at this point but I’ll replace it all with a nice collection should one be released later.

The season two DVDs became available on Amazon today and I placed my order this evening. I think a Twin Peaks viewing party is in order. We can even pick up something from Mission Pie for the occasion (cherry, naturally).