BookCrossing stats

It’s been two weeks since I started leaving books on BART so I’ve gone back and looked up my stats on the BookCrossing web site.

I registered 24 books and released them over a few days. Most were left on BART trains, but I left about half a dozen in the 24th/Mission and Montgomery street stations over this time. All were left in conspicuous places where others couldn’t help but see them, and I spread them out a bit so all the titles could be read. Of these 24 books, only one has been reported as found on the Bookcrossing site, which gives me a return rate of about 4%. I don’t know if this is typical or not, but it seems about right. A fair number of people who found these books may not have noticed the BookCrossing sticker inside the cover, and of the ones who do few are likely to bother investigating. I imagine some of the books were probably disposed of by BART staff as well (but I hope not).

But for what it’s worth, the one person who checked in was pretty excited about it (read the entry dated April 26).


scott says:

That sounds a little low Ken. As a fellow Bay Area resident, I’ve also released books on BART but as you mentioned, the biggest problem with public transportation releases (which seem totally logical in terms of likelihood of someone catching them) is the security issue. I’m quite sure BART employees have a rule of disposing of ANY packages or items left behind each day in the stations… hell, we actually shut down Seattle’s SEATAC airport for 3 hours when a fellow BC’er left 10 book at an airport gate! Anyway, start leaving a few in nearby Starbucks, local coffee houses, Panera Bread bakeries, Peet’s, Tulley’s and I guarantee you’ll see a better release/catch ratio!

CEO BookCrossing

Kenn Christ says:

Seattle? That sounds more like a Boston PD move to me.

Point taken about location though. I’ll keep that in mind for the next batch (I’ll be visiting Powell’s in Portland in a couple weeks so I’m sure I’ll have to clear some more bookshelf space soon).

pussreboots says:

Countedx58, another Bay Area bookcrosser, does a lot of releasing on BART and at BART stations. I keep hoping to spot a book on BART but so far haven’t found any. (caligula03 at bookcrossing)