Maker Faire 2007

The Maker Faire this year was even better than last year. Sarai and I spent the afternoon there Sunday, browsing the craft displays, watching fire, robots, and electricity, and taking pictures.

Maker Faire 2007

The high point of the day was the Cyclecide rodeo with jousting followed by a big free-for-all. Chaotic, dirty, homemade bicycle riding lunacy. It was a blast.

Cyclecide Bicycle Rodeo

The life-size Mousetrap was also a lot of fun. Replacing the cage at the end with a real, two ton safe was a nice touch. We could feel the ground shake when it dropped, just like in a cartoon.

Life-size Mousetrap game

Last year was the first Maker Faire and I remember how much fun it was and afterwards hoping it did well so it could become an annual event. Well, it looks like I didn’t need to worry, this year was bigger than last year and still managed to be more crowded, plus O’Reilly has announced another Maker Faire in Austin this October.

Speaking of which, when did Austin become an interesting city? I’ve been hearing lots of good things about the music, art, and tech scenes out there over the past couple years. And SXSW, of course, which I’ll make it to one of these days.

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