OpenSolaris and CommunityOne

To kick off JavaOne next week, Sun is holding a free one-day event called CommunityOne on Monday. It’s mainly aimed at Java developers, naturally, but there will be a good amount of Solaris talk as well which is why I’m going. I’ll be attending Tim O’Reilly’s talk in the morning, Ben Rockwood’s Introduction to OpenSolaris, and Ian Murdock’s talk on Linux, Solaris, and operating system relevance later in the day. I’ve registered for a few other sessions, which I may or may not go to depending on how I feel at the time.

I’ve become more interested in Solaris lately. My first exposure to it was at Earthlink, but not being a sysadmin there I didn’t actually use it much outside of a few console-based tools my department used. Sun had pretty much dropped off my radar since then until they started appearing in the news again lately, mostly due to their releasing Solaris to the open source community. It turns out that Sun has added some really neat features to Solaris 10 that have a lot of people interested. The most notable of these are the ZFS filesystem and containers.

My interest is also due in part to the fact that my web hosting company Joyent is running mainly OpenSolaris now, including their Accelerator product — a virtual dedicated server based on Solaris containers and an alternative to the Linux VPSs you can get everywhere else. Ben Rockwood, giving the Introduction to OpenSolaris talk mentioned above, works for Joyent and is involved with the OpenSolaris community.

This event should be interesting. I may even learn a thing or two.