West coast travel plans

About six months ago I noted that a lot of people I know from LA have moved to Portland over the last few years, and now one more person has made the move. So I decided it’s finally time to see what all the excitement is about and made plans to visit. We’ll be in town the first weekend of June, arriving the morning of Friday, June 1st, and leaving Sunday evening, June 3rd. I’ve booked a room at a hotel downtown about a block from Powell’s City of Books.

Powell’s is one of Portland’s main attractions, as far as Sarai and I are concerned. A used bookstore the size of an entire city block sounds like heaven to us. I almost wanted to extend the trip by another day just so we could spend an entire day here. I expect we’ll be hitting Powell’s our first day in town. Other than book shopping and getting coffee at Stumptown, we don’t have much else on the agenda. Just seeing the city, bar hopping, and hanging out with friends.

Observant readers will notice that we’ll be in Portland the weekend after Convergence 13 happens there. This is not an accident. I know lots of people we know will be there — both locals and people from LA — and I’ve been told by a couple of them that we should go, but while Sarai and I both went to C5 and C6 (New Orleans and Seattle, respectively), we’re totally out of that whole scene these days. More importantly, we want to spend the trip seeing the city, not going to scheduled events with a bunch of other out-of-towners.

As it happens, we’ll be in LA Memorial Day weekend, while C13 is going on in Portland. We’ll be driving down Friday morning and have plans to go to Release the Bats that evening. I hope there are still people around. We’ll probably be in LA again two weeks later, the weekend after we go to Portland, from June 8th through the 10th.


Kevin says:

We live in the Hawthorne district, which is home to a lot of interesting independent shops, and good restaurants and bars (as well as two Powells locations). It’s on the other side of the river from downtown, but easy to get to by public transit. Let me know if you want to come check it out. (We’re also close to the Stumptown annex, where you can do that crazy “cupping” business I mentioned a couple weeks ago.)

The Portland Saturday Market is a short walk from where you’re staying, and is another good place to experience the Portland vibe. (It’s open on Sundays too, btw.)

Kenn Christ says:

Thanks for the tips. The cupping sounded hilarious, but also kind of interesting, so I’ll keep that in mind, along with the market. Everything is still pretty up in the air but that’s ok, I prefer not having any sort of real itinerary. It’s usually so much better to just see where the day leads you.

We’re not going to have a car and will be largely dependent on another friend of ours to take us around, so it’s probably good that I don’t have a full schedule in mind. That said, I’m now thinking I’d like to see the Japanese garden as well.