Retro Row, Long Beach

I’ve uploaded a handful of pictures from our recent weekends in Long Beach. We didn’t do a whole lot, but did make it over to 4th street, which is now being called Retro Row due to all the antique and vintage clothing stores in the neighborhood. A few new places have opened up since we were down here last and there seems to be more of a community vibe amongst the businesses in this area. It’s always felt this way to some extent, as they mostly complement each other fairly well, but now they’ve printed up neighborhood maps with the locations of and information about all the shops along this stretch of 4th street.


One of the new shops is a small independent bookstore called Open, which has a nice display of “open” signs in the window display, as well as a chalkboard out front that says “Open is now

Hawleywood's Barber Shop

Another is Hawleywood’s Barber Shop, a 1940s-style men’s barber shop and shaving parlor. Pompadours, straight razor shaves, and shoeshines, and they’ll serve you a beer while the tattooed barbers tend to your needs. Pretty cool. I’ve been wanting to get a straight razor shave for a while and might have gone in if I hadn’t just shaved that morning and if the shop didn’t have a “no broads” policy that would leave Sarai waiting outside (who am I kidding, with all the vintage stores in the area I’d likely be finished long before her).

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