Live from Wordcamp

I’m at Wordcamp this weekend, the second annual conference for WordPress users and developers. The first one last year was a huge success, with over 500 registered attendees. This year it’s expanded to two days (up from a single day last time) and they’ve capped attendance at about 400 people.

I arrived around noon today because the morning sessions didn’t interest me (John Dvorak? are you kidding?), and I’ll probably do the same tomorrow. Both afternoon schedules look a little more interesting.

I can’t comment much on the content, what with just having arrived, but at least the wifi is working. That puts us one up on last year already.


Daniel says:

You know I didn’t think I would want to hear John speak either, but you know he was actually funny. He was not such a blowhard like he is on TWiT.

Though it seems like if you were there by then end of lunch you caught the better part of the day. I just saw that you post on the Expression Engine forums that you were new to EE. I know when I started with it I felt totally overwhelmed. If you want, lets meet up tomorrow on a break and chat. I will be on Bonjour

Kenn Christ says:

That is a great idea. Frankly, I think I could use all the EE help I can get, at least until I get my head fully wrapped around it. I’ll take a look for you.

Daniel says:

I am here sitting in the front row, Sitting on the right side wearing a brown shirt and blue jeans.

Kenn Christ says:

I’m still at home having my morning coffee. I’ll be there for the afternoon sessions. I’ll be in all black, with a black cap and a Powerbook.