Portland is magic

After our trip to Portland last month I wanted to thank a few friends for playing combination cab driver and tour guide for us most of the weekend. We took a lot of pictures while we were there, and they’re all in a good number of them, so I hit upon the idea of printing a photobook at Lulu and sending them each a copy. The result is Portland is Magic, the first release by Six Twenty Three Press.

I went for speed rather than quality with this and used Lulu’s photo book wizard instead of doing proper page layouts and typesetting. The result is pretty neat, but not as nice as it could have been. I’m thinking about doing a proper second edition, but I don’t know what I’d do with it. Even pricing it at my cost, I don’t expect the sales to ever top four: The one I bought for myself, and the three I bought for Jojo, Levon, and Steve. Maybe I’ll do something different next time. How about a book of cat pictures? Surely there aren’t enough of those out there.

The title is taken from a Yelp review of Kalga Kafe, a great vegetarian restaurant we discovered during our visit. The review was written by someone else from San Francisco who was going on about how laid back and affordable and hipster-free (at least compared to San Francisco) Portland is and concluded that “Portland is magic”. We have to agree.