Weekend in Sonoma

Late Friday afternoon Sarai and I decided to get away for the weekend. After a little research we found a bed-and-breakfast in Santa Rosa that still had a room available at 6:00pm on Friday evening, booked two nights, and got on the road straight after work.

The original plan included taking a hot air balloon ride Sunday morning but after a series of screw-ups on the part of the tour company it turned out they had no space available on such short notice. The screwups included such gems as booking us on a balloon ride in Orlando Florida instead of Sonoma, having a web site reservation system that has to be updated manually when they get around to it and therefore can’t be trusted to accurately reflect availability, and then “the vice president of the company” blaming me on the phone for the mix-up and refusing to even apologize, much less attempt make it up to us in any way.

This was made up for in advance by our getting a discounted upgrade to the “luxury suite” at the hotel due to the proprietors accidentally double booking the room we ordered. We stayed at the Melitta Station Inn and had the perfect hosts, a very friendly English couple who ran a nice house and made some amazing breakfasts.


Saturday morning we rented bikes to do some cycling through the regional park behind the hotel. We’re used to riding hybrids at home but the road bikes we picked out were light, maneuverable, and a lot of fun to ride. We rode about twelve miles altogether, on a route suggested by someone at the bike shop. This route took us a couple miles through the park followed by a quiet housing development before finally getting us back to the main road, along which we found wineries, restaurants, and some nice scenery. We even got to see some local wildlife along the way.


Bambi and mother

Sunday we took a leisurely drive through Sonoma county and into the town of Glen Ellen, where we had lunch at The Fig Cafe. We spotted this driving by due to having a nice looking sign out front and we stopped in to find a really nicely designed little restaurant. Everything from the sign to the colors to the menus was put together very nicely. And the food was fantastic.

The Fig Cafe

We were only 90 minutes from home but it felt like another world. We have got to get away like this more often.

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