Vacanza in Italia

Our wedding is getting close now which means so is our honeymoon. The wedding is just about a month from now, on September 14th. The 14th is a Friday and the following Sunday we’re leaving for eleven days on Italy’s beautiful Capri and Amalfi coast.

Our trip to Italy last year was about sightseeing. We did three days each in Roma, Firenze, and Venezia, and it wasn’t nearly enough time to do everything we wanted in those places. This trip is about relaxing and will be much more low-key. We’re spending three days in Napoli, four in Capri, and four in Amalfi. Aside from seeing Pompeii, which is the only sightseeing we have planned, our days will be filled with nothing but sitting outside in the sun, eating, drinking vino, and gazing out at il mare mediterraneo.

I’d like to say that the Italian class we’ve been taking has prepared me to use a lot of it on our trip, but I’m afraid it’s been slow going for me and I don’t think I’ll be using much outside the basics. Still, it’s a start, and I hope to get back into it once I have a little more free time.