Wedding countdown

Now the wedding countdown is starting in earnest. It’s just two weeks out now and I feel completely unprepared. It’s not getting married that has me worried — after four and a half years of living together we’re practically married already. What I’m stressing about is the event itself and how much we still have to do.

The food is taken care of, outside of the desserts, and I think the bar is now done too, as of last night. The desserts have me a little worried though. Jojo is going to be making them, but the train tour company she used to work for hasn’t shipped her equipment to her yet, so she’s a little unprepared. She told me recently that we may have to drop the dessert selection down from a few different things to just one, which is disappointing. There’s still a little time, so hopefully it’ll work out.

We have a general idea of what music we want but still have to make the playlists, which always takes a lot longer than you expect. Not to mention the ceremony itself; we still haven’t written our vows or even figured out exactly what the ceremony will entail, other than Sarai’s dad doing a reading. Sarai has finished her dress and I’m going in for what will hopefully be the final fitting of my suit this evening.

The major things are done, but we’re going into crunch time with all the little details left to finish up. This will be a busy two weeks.