Custom suit

Since Sarai made her own wedding dress, I had to do something nice for my suit. I couldn’t very well buy some off-the-rack thing from Macy’s with her dressed so well, could I? So I decided to have a suit custom made by Al’s Attire in North Beach.

Custom suit

My first reaction was that there’s no way I could afford something custom made, especially with all the other wedding expenses we have right now, but it really wasn’t very expensive at all. The completed suit, including jacket, pants, and pocket square made from the same fabric Sarai used for her dress, was only a couple hundred dollars more than an off-the-rack suit would cost me. And when you consider what you’re getting, it’s a no-brainer. My other suit is off-the-rack and it’s ill-fitting and doesn’t have nearly the quality workmanship that I got from Al.

Custom suit

The best part about doing this was not just that the suit would be a perfect fit, but also that every single detail was made to my specifications. I chose the fabric for the suit. I chose the liner fabric and the piping that goes around where the liner is sewn in. I decided how I wanted the pocket flaps to look, on both the outside and inside pockets. I was able to get functional buttons on the sleeve instead of just decorative ones like most store-bought suits have. And on and on.

Custom suit

All this was hard work though. You don’t realize how many details there are until someone starts asking you all these questions. Sarai helped out by buying me a couple books on classic men’s fashion (Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion and The Indispensable Guide to Classic Men’s Clothing; both very helpful) and so I was able to do some homework in preparation.

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Kevin says:

Looks good! I’m actually having a custom suit made for myself at the moment also, and I hope it comes out looking as good. I’ll probably post about my experiences in a couple weeks once it’s complete.

Kenn Christ says:

Thanks. Be sure to post pictures of yours when it’s ready.