Announcing Soft Black Stars

Soft Black Stars

This morning I (re)launched a new web site,, which I’ve been working on for the past couple months. A quick-and-dirty version has been up for a little while but this is the more-or-less finished version (although not yet feature complete). This site focuses on Current 93, Durtro Records, and related topics.

I’ve been hosting Satya Palani’s Current 93 reviews, formerly at, for a few years now and have bounced them around from here to there because I never had a really good place to keep them. This site is their final resting place. I’m also providing an RSS feed and searchable archive for the Durtro newsletters, which Durtro themselves do not have. The next stage of development for the site will be to add a photo gallery where I’ll be posting pictures I’ve taken at various live shows.

The site is still a work-in-progress, as always. I’d like to start by replacing the sorry-looking graphics, but they were good enough for the time being.