Capri, Italy

After a couple days in Napoli we took a ferry out to the island of Capri where we would spend the next four days. Capri is a small island sitting off the end of the Sorrento peninsula, just visible from Naples. In the recent past it’s been a big hotspot for the rich and glamorous but now it’s mostly visited by tourists (and most of those over 60, based on what we saw). We normally dislike extremely touristy places like this (see also: Venice) but it somehow didn’t bother us much here. When we weren’t fighting our way through the crowds, that is. Luckily, although Capri is a small town on a small island, most of the action is centered within an even smaller area and so the crowds were pretty easy to lose.


Our hotel was in a great location, close to the center of town, yet off the main roads so we didn’t have all the noise and crowds right outside. We did the requisite sitting on the piazzetta, drinking Prosecco and Campari, and people watching, but when we wanted to get away we took long walks around the island, down to one of the beaches or following one of the trails that runs around the rocky cliffs.


The thing that struck us most about Capri is how gorgeous it was. Everywhere you looked there was beautiful architecture, trees, and the blue, clear Mediterranean. It’s really amazing how blue and clear the water is (and very salty, as I discovered when I accidentally swallowed a bit while swimming); our pictures don’t do it justice. That goes for the entire island, actually. And we weren’t the only ones to think so: as we were looking over a view similar to the one above we overheard a preppy-looking guy say to his friend, “Wow, this makes Key West look like a pile of junk!”.

Sarai, with i Faraglioni in the background Sarai, with i Faraglioni in the background

I had a lot of trouble picking out three pictures to post here. It’s impossible to take a bad picture somewhere this beautiful.

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