Startup comedown

Looking back over my posts from the middle of this year I realized I never posted about my job change. Around the end of June I was able to leave the consulting company I was with in order to go to work for Veeker, a small mobile video startup of about a dozen people located in SOMA, just across the street from the oh-so-hip South Park. I was hired as “Deployment and Infrastructure Manager”, which is Bay area-speak for “the guy who manages the servers”.

Veeker was a pretty good place to work. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is casual, and there’s a relaxed attitude regarding work hours, with people pretty much coming and going as they please. I got a 20% pay increase but had to go back to working Fridays, losing the four-day workweek I had previously (I’m still working on achieving my four-hour workweek). All was good.

Until yesterday. Note my use of the past tense in that last paragraph. Yesterday, due to some financial problems, I was laid off, along with a handful of other people. It was nice while it lasted; I was able to learn a fair amount in the short time I was there and it got me out of the rut I was in at the place I worked before that. It’s a shame it had to end so suddenly.

So I’m back on the job market and thinking that this may be the impetus I need to make a go of full-time consulting. I’ve got one regular client, plus some one-off stuff here and there, and am starting a project with Nathan that may bring in some decent money. Is this enough? Probably not, but I’ve suddenly found myself with a lot more free time in which to chase down more work. We’ll see how it goes.