2007 resolutions in review

Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, I’m looking back over my resolutions for 2007. Of the resolutions with measurable results, I didn’t do too badly.

I met my travel goal by going to Italy for a couple weeks in September and visiting Portland twice. I also managed to learn a bit of Italian before the trip, which was another goal. The travel goal was not meant for just this year — I’d like to do this much at a minimum every year — so I’ll be carrying that one and maybe even improving it in coming years.

In June I started work at Veeker, which looked like just the kind of interesting environment I needed, but then I was laid off a few months later. Goal met and then gone. On the bright side, that was just the impetus I needed to make a go of full-time freelancing.

I’ve got my finances about 90% in order now. They were pretty well organized before but I’ve taken care of some loose ends and missing pieces. I still have zero debt (even after the wedding!) and I’ve switched my banking to high-interest checking and savings accounts and replaced my two credit cards with others with better returns. I still need to streamline a few things with regards to automation, but I’m almost done.

Most of my other resolutions I did to varying degrees, with a few exceptions. A lot of those were left open-ended, so I can’t point to a concrete result. I’m going to try to set more measurable goals for 2008.