Announcing Cocktailia


While browsing through the bar reviews I’ve posted over the years and the drink recipes I’ve been posting lately, it hit me that I really should start a site dedicated to this sort of thing. I’ve considered it a number of times in the past but have now finally done it.

I give you Cocktailia. I’ve still got a few bugs to work out and details to clean up, but it’s up and running with a good amount of new stuff.

This will be the new home for these types of posts. I’ve copied all my old bar and cocktail-related posts over so I’ve got a good base to build upon, and will be posting these things there from this point on. I’ve already written up a good number of recipes since the last one I posted here. Anyone interested should check it out. There’s an RSS feed, of course, and a link to subscribe via e-mail in the sidebar of every page.

I’d like to get some other people involved as well. Anyone interested in contributing should get in touch.