Macworld thoughts

I just finished reading the news from the Macworld 2008 keynote this morning and thinking I might head up and check out the expo floor this afternoon. Here are my initial thoughts on the Steve’s four points.

Time Capsule

There’s a new Airport base station in town, called Time Capsule and integrating a network backup device along with the usual Airport functionality. We knew network backups for Time Machine were coming — it was actually working in developers’ previews of Leopard before being pulled at the last minute — so it makes sense that we’d see combined wireless networking and backup storage.

We’re using a 300 GB backup drive for Time Machine on our iMac and it’s a little tight, only giving us room to keep snapshots from the past 30 days or so, which is a bit short. There’s no way we could add our laptops onto this so a bigger drive is definitely in order. Prior to this I was considering getting one of the current base stations, which are flat and compact versus the old flying saucer-shaped one we have now, and a new external hard drive of the same size that Lacie was selling. Interestingly, these drives no longer appear on the Lacie web site and the URL I had bookmarked now redirects to the main product listing page.

One of these would buy us more space, while simultaneously giving us faster wireless speeds and a better form factor than the base station we have now. If you’ve seen the way we have our network stuff stacked up you’ll understand why this would be a welcome improvement. I only wish they had more than the single USB port. I’ll probably pick one of these up eventually.


I’m disappointed that we didn’t see a new iPhone version today, but I’m still not buying one until my T-Mobile contract expires in June, so they’ve got another five months (hear that, Apple?). The iPod Touch goes up to 16 GB while the iPhone is still at 8 GB, so there’s almost certainly an update coming in the near future.

Regarding software, the location awareness for maps is nice. Not as good as proper GPS but still pretty good. I’m more interested in seeing what we get after the SDK is released in February.

Apple TV

The Apple TV is holding its position as the least interesting Apple product ever. I went in the other direction, replacing my TV with an iMac, which works out much better for us.

MacBook Air

This is where the excitement is this year, the MacBook Air, Apple’s long-awaited ultra-portable laptop. Three pounds and 3/4 inch thick, the only problem with it is the price: $1,800. Ouch.

Not that I have any use for one of these anyway. I prefer a 15 inch laptop display and while my Powerbook is a bit heavy, I don’t carry it enough that it’s a problem. If I traveled more, or took extended working trips, I would be pretty tempted. These sure do look nice.


Kevin says:

heh… that’s pretty much my thoughts on the iPhone exactly.