Moshi Cardette

I hate cables. I hate having to dig through our big drawer o’ cables every time I want to do something as simple as get the pictures off my camera. This is why I love the Sandisk SD card I use in my point-and-shoot camera so much. Pop out the card, plug it into my laptop, and I’m ready to go. No cables, no mess. Sarai feels the same way, and so uses the wireless Eye-Fi card in her pocket camera (she’s got the same Lumix as me, only in pink).

But now we have a new camera, and this one uses CompactFlash cards, so we can’t just pick up more of the neat SD cards we’re accustomed to using. I first considered buying a PC card adapter that I can use to plug the CF card into my laptop, but that seemed a little too single-purpose for my tastes. I can’t use one of those on our iMac and it will be useless once Sarai and I update our G4 Powerbooks to newer MacBook Pros, which will likely happen some time this year.

So an external card reader seemed the way to go, but then we run into the cable problem again. Ideally I’d get something compact, so I can throw it in my laptop bag; versatile, so I can use it not only with the CF cards we have now but any other type of storage card; and as cable-free as possible. I found just what I was looking for in the Moshi Cardette.

I discovered Moshi at MacWorld last year (and they were there again this year) and filed them away for future reference, remembering about their card readers now that I’m in the market for one. It looked like a pretty good bet so after reading a few positive reviews I went ahead and ordered one on Wednesday. I was told shipping would take two to three weeks and was pleasantly surprised (not to mention shocked) when DHL showed up with a package for me the very next day, for a turn-around time of under 24 hours. Amazing.

Moshi Cardette

It’s working out great so far. The best thing about it, aside from its versatility, is the way it has a built-in cable, about three inches long, that folds into the bottom of the reader, so it takes up no extra room. The key fob thing in the picture is removable as well, so it can be made even smaller. At just 3 1/2 by 2 inches, 3/4 inch thick, with no cable mess, it’s pretty much exactly what I had in mind.

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