Corvid Works web consulting screenshot

As part of my transitioning over to full-time consulting I’ve formed a new business and just launched a new (albeit somewhat unfinished) web site for it. I’m calling it Corvid Works (Corvid Works, LLC, as soon as my paperwork comes back from the state).

The name was a joint effort between Sarai and myself. I wanted something easier to say and spell than Synaesthetic, and that didn’t contain any words like “network” or anything that would suggest any particular type of work. I came up with the idea of naming it after my favorite family of birds, corvidae, and Sarai added “Works” onto the end. The corvid family includes crows, ravens, rooks, jays, magpies, and a few other birds. Read the intelligence subsection of the Wikipedia article or In the Company of Crows and Ravens for more information on corvid intelligence and social structures; it’s really interesting stuff if you’re into birds.

Anyway, to summarize my services a bit, this is a general overview of what I do:
  • Linux system administration, primarily for web and related services (mail, DNS)
  • Web sites: XHTML and CSS from mockups, CMS and application integration
  • WordPress customization
  • Technical advisory: Helping people, small businesses, startups, understand their options regarding web technologies, accessibility, search engine optimization, etc.

I’ll be fleshing out the Corvid Works web site a bit in the coming weeks but the general information is there. Feel free to pass my info along to anyone who may need it.