Everywhere magazine

A couple months ago I was surprised by an unfamiliar magazine in my mailbox. Sarai somehow got on the junk list for a bunch of trade magazines so I assumed this one one of those until I looked more closely at the cover. Everywhere, it was called, with the subtitle Travel is All Around You. Not a trade magazine then, but we also subscribe to Budget Travel so maybe they sold our names to someone. Worth a look, anyway.

Upon closer inspection I see it’s actually by the creators of JPG, a photography magazine created with user submissions. The post topics on their web site and anyone can submit photos for consideration. The community then votes on the submissions and the highest-rated are included in the next issue. The photographer gets credit, of course, along with $100 and a free one year subscription to the magazine. It’s pretty neat and always full of some really great photography. Not to mention they don’t stuff the magazine full of advertising and subscription cards.

Everywhere is the new project by 8020 Publishing, creators of JPG: a travel magazine following a similar model to JPG. It works pretty much the same way: travel topics are posted, readers can submit their photographs and travel stories, voting ensues, and the winners are published.

To launch the new magazine, they sent out the first issue free to all current JPG subscribers, along with a coupon code for $10 off the regular $25 subscription price. Combining three things I’m into — travel, photography, and user-generated content — is a sure winner in my book so after reading through the sample issue I signed up for a year.

Everywhere Magazine

Our second issue arrived yesterday and it looks as good as the first. I haven’t read much of it yet but the quality of the photography, topics covered, and bare minimum of advertising is promising. This month’s cover story is Los Angeles and it also includes a large Turkey section as well as lots of smaller features. The magazine itself, as well as the content, is high quality, in a slightly larger format than most magazines and printed on nice heavy paper.

People who don’t want to subscribe to the physical magazine can still read it. The very nature of how the magazine works requires that the articles are all published on the Everywhere web site where they can be voted on. You can choose to see all articles, published or not, or filter to just the ones that have made the cut. The online versions of the published articles sometimes also include photos that didn’t make the print version.

I mentioned above that we also subscribe to Budget Travel. I don’t remember now but I think we got that free somehow, through some promotion or other. While we’ve found some interesting stuff in there (the hotel we stayed at in Amalfi, for one), it overall isn’t that useful to us. It seems to be written for an older audience, with too much emphasis on package tours and the like, which just isn’t us. It’s also absolutely choked with advertising, lots of it printed in such a way that it appears to be regular content. We won’t be renewing our subscription.

Everywhere is much more suited to our tastes. Anyone interested in travel and photography should check it out.