Further adventures in PDX

Monday evening Sarai and I returned home from another extended weekend in Portland, which has become our favorite place for short, get-out-of-town trips. We flew up Friday afternoon and again stayed at the Ace Hotel for three nights.

Ace Hotel, Portland, Room 318 Ace Hotel, room 318

While we were there we hit a few of our favorite places from previous visits — Powell’s City of Books, naturally, Tin Shed Garden Cafe — and also some new ones, like Dante’s, some cool junk shops on Mississippi Avenue, and a nice cellar bar downtown. The weather was a little crazy, reminding me a lot of the bay area: Saturday was beautiful, in the 70s, Sunday cooled off a bit, and Monday it rained. Good thing we packed layers.

Exploring the city more, checking out some new places… all that was fun but the real highlight of the trip was hanging out with Jojo, who was out of town during our last visit to PDX but spent pretty much the entire weekend with us this time, and seeing most of the other people we know up there.

It never fails to amaze me how laid back Portland is compared to San Francisco. Like I touched on last week, we moved from SF back to the East Bay in part because we wanted to live somewhere a little more down-to-earth. Oakland is much better than SF in this regard, but Portland even more so.

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