The Month in Cocktails: March, 2008

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Cocktail Recipes

Moving and having the bar packed away makes it difficult to make drinks with any frequency. But we finally got everything settled away and started trying out new recipes again. This month, much to Sarai’s dismay, I worked on acquiring a taste for Campari with the Venetian, which wasn’t bad, and the Rosebud, which was weird and not entirely good. I’ve still got a few more Campari recipes lined up so we’ll see what happens.

Toward the end of the month we recognized that, when friends give you lemons, make lemonade (and lemon curd, and lemon pound cake, and …).

Bar Reviews

Not making drinks at home means going out to bars more often and we were lucky enough to find a good one right around the corner from the new apartment: Bigum’s Silver Lion, a dark, dingy dive bar with the Subhumans on the jukebox, crusty punks on the barstools, and a bartender with a Crass patch on her hoodie. Great find.

From the Blog

We can’t spend all our bar time in the dives though, and so visited a couple other nice bars in the bay area. Kevin was in town from Portland and invited us out to Bourbon and Branch, and we made a stop at the Conga Lounge while spending a sunny afternoon wandering around Rockridge.

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