Weekend in LA

Sarai and I spend Memorial Day weekend down in LA, and extended the trip by a few days on either side in order to miss the traffic and have a little more time to enjoy the time away. The weekend was a great success: I got some tattoo work done, got my earlobes stretched up a size, hung out with friends and family, and hit a few bars for Cocktailia reviews.

Sunset Junction

On Monday we spent the day hanging out in Silverlake, exploring, eating vegan sandwiches and gelato, and enjoying the weather before heading over to Nathan’s place for dinner. I discovered a great barware store called Barkeeper while walking around Sunset Junction, and Sarai got to browse some vintage clothing, which made us both happy.

Barkeeper, Silverlake, Los Angeles, California

Sarai and I have realized that it took moving away to really appreciate Los Angeles for what it is. Living here, we were too close to it and too distracted by the things we don’t like about it; visiting, we can focus on what we do like. It’s hard to beat the weather, for one thing, and there’s something nice (and so LA) about driving down a palm tree-lined street on a sunny day with a blue sky (assuming reasonable smog levels, to name something we were happy to get away from). There are some great areas too. We usually spend our Southern California time in Long Beach, but hung out mostly in Los Angeles proper this time: Silverlake, Los Feliz, eastern Hollywood. We won’t be moving back, but we’re beginning to appreciate our visits more.

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