Vegan for a month

Sarai and I are experimenting with a vegan diet this month. We’re not being 100% strict — for example, we’re not going to stress it if we go out to eat and don’t find anything vegan on the menu, but we’re going to be sticking to it in all our cooking at home, and trying everywhere else.

I’ve been a strict vegetarian almost 20 years now, since 1989, but have never actually tried this before. Along with the use of leather, the question of whether to eat eggs and dairy is one that most every ethical vegetarian considers at some point (by “ethical” I mean those who don’t eat meat in part due to ethical reasons; I don’t mean to suggest that there’s something unethical about vegetarians who never consider cutting out dairy). I didn’t wear leather for a while after adopting a vegetarian diet but began wearing it again after a couple years. I’ve had vegan friends from the beginning and thought about the dairy issue a number of times in the early years but eventually came to terms with my decision to not go vegan.

Our interest in trying this out is partially practical — our grocery bills are always so much higher when we buy cheese. But we also just want to try it out to see how we like it. Many of our meals are unintentionally vegan anyway, just by virtue of not happening to contain any eggs or dairy, so it seems pretty easy. We’ve had a CSA subscription for a few months now, a service that gets us a box of fresh, local, organic produce once a week. We never know in advance what we’re going to get and tend to plan our meals around whatever turns up each week, which is a lot of fun. This keeps our regular grocery bills pretty low unless we’re buying cheese. We’re not saving money buying soy milk instead of regular, but the price difference there isn’t so great.

I don’t expect to truly go vegan after this but I’m wondering now why I never tried it before. We already think a good deal about what we eat and this month we’ll be looking extra closely. If nothing else, it will be interesting.


Mot says:

Good luck! After becoming ill from my 10 year “poor” veggie diet, I had to give it up. Still wish I could have stuck with it. I still have bad thoughts when I eat the once living.

Kenn says:

What sort of health problems did you have? Was it due to a protein or B12 deficiency or something more complicated?

Mot says:

Nothing complicated, but it still scared the crap out of me! I had abnormal blood cells from a lack of protien. Plus I just didn’t feel well most of the time.