Year in review

Back in January I wrote up some new year’s resolutions. I touched on them at the end of June, but how do things look now that the year is over?

We did some traveling, most notably to Paris in September, but didn’t meet my stated goal of getting out of CA at least twice. We visited Portland in April but that was it. We started planning a trip back up to PDX this month but pushed it back to after the holidays, so we’re actually going in mid-January. We didn’t take many interesting weekend trips either, but I did spend around four weeks total in LA this year, so that counts for something. Sarai made it out of CA once more than I did, by going to SXSW in Austin back in March. I wanted to go but couldn’t justify the expense at the time (Google paid for Sarai’s trip).

My work has really picked up in the second half of the year. I’ve got some interesting clients and a steady stream of work coming in. My annual income is down, due to the year getting off to a slow start, but my monthly income for the past six months or so has matched what I was making working full-time. On top of this I’ve got one source of passive income and am looking into some others.

On the health front, I’m doing pretty well. I’m riding my bike more now that I have a bike I actually like, and between our CSA and local farmer’s market we’re eating pretty well too. This is easy though; it’s not like this is a big change for us. We have cut down on the amount of eating out we do — this is probably our biggest problem, but more a financial issue than a health one as we’re not eating fast food or other garbage when we do eat out.

I also recently finished up a six week intro to yoga workshop, which I was taking at Yoga Mandala in Berkeley. The class was described as “classical hatha yoga”, which means it combined exercises for both mind and body, with postures and meditation. I really enjoyed it and will be taking the second class in the series beginning at the end of January.

Resolutions aside, other interesting things this year included our move from San Francisco back to Oakland and Sarai getting her business ready to launch. We’ve got some exciting things coming up in 2009 too.