Moving to Portland, part 2

The speed of things is beginning to pick up. We loved the house we looked at in PDX a few weeks ago and have paid our deposit and gave our current landlord a 60-day notice. We’ll be moving the last week of March.

The new house is in a pretty good location, near SE 26th and Powell. Fairly central, but not right in the middle of things. It’s about a mile and a half from the Hawthorne, and just blocks from a selection of restaurants and cafes, a yoga studio, and a vegetarian grocery co-op that also hosts a weekly farmers’ market. We’re also close to at least two bus lines and biking distance from a whole lot more.

Did I mention that it’s a house we’re moving into, not an apartment? Our own place with lots of outdoor space and no shared walls (or ceilings!). Heaven. It’s got two bedrooms and a small sun room upstairs and a basement with one finished room, a laundry room with washer and dryer, and a big unfinished space for storage. Outdoors, the property has grapes, strawberries, a plum tree, and some raised gardening beds that we’ll be doing some planting in as soon as we get settled. On the down side, our dwarf meyer lemon tree won’t survive the change in climate but Stacy has kindly agreed to adopt him and maybe even plant him in the ground one day.

We picked up a bunch of boxes from one of Sarai’s coworkers this afternoon and are going to get an early start on packing. We’re aiming to do it all in one trip so we’ll need all the lead time we can get.


Stephanie says:

You’ll really LOVE that area! My dad is on the board of directors for the Co-Op, and its an awesome place.