About Me

This is the personal site of Kenn Wilson, frequently known as Kenn Christ. I am a Linux sysadmin, Mac user, and web geek living in Portland, Oregon, with my beautiful and talented wife Sarai.

I am endlessly fascinated by the web and the way it facilitates communication and provides a platform for communities and collaboration. I love making web sites and I keep up on current web standards, accessibility guidelines, and emerging technologies. This interest drives me to spend a great deal of time studying and experimenting with new technologies and systems, and finding ways to make use of them, whether it involves running servers or writing code. I also like clean, readable code, intuitive interfaces, and systems that just work.

I use free, open source software when I can, but I’m a pragmatist and have no ideological problems with using closed source or commercial software when it’s the better tool for the job. I use Mac OS X on my laptop and like Ubuntu on my servers.

I also really like cats.

About this site

This site was written in XHTML 1.0 Strict with the presentation in CSS. Each page contains some basic contact information marked up in the hCard microformat. Originally running WordPress, this site was retired and converted to static HTML in November 2009.

This was the fourth major revision of this web site. Version 1.0 was uploaded in 1997, closely followed by version 2.0 in 1998. Version 3.0 was written in 2000, and this version, 4.x, was released in early 2005. Each of the previous versions have had multiple point releases as well. Posts between the dates of February 2002 and December 2005 were originally posted to LiveJournal and later imported here. There are a few posts dated earlier than February 2002. These were taken from previously static pages on my old site and moved into the blog chronology, as they are related to specific events and so fit well into this sort of post timeline.

The cat picture at the top of this page is from a piece by Louis Wain, a British artist who lived from 1860 through the early 1900s. He did some really amazing work, a must-see for any cat lover. I particularly like this picture because the cat on the left reminds me of one of my own cats. No, I’m not a furry.

I support the use of open standards and free, open source software. This site was developed on Mac OS X running Apache, PHP, and MySQL, and is hosted on Ubuntu Linux running on a Linode VPS.